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Written HW
5 Weeks 1
For Exam 1 (first submission due by 17 February)
WHW2: p. 24: G2, G5, G6, G7; p.45-46 D
WHW3: p. 83: A1, A2, A6, A7
WHW4: p. 92: B1, B2, D4, E4
WHW5: p. 92: C2, C3, I2 I3
For Exam 2 (first submission due 31 March)
WHW6 p.159 A2, A6, A7
WHW7 p.159 C1, C4, D2 (D2 requires IP)
5 Weeks 2
WHW8 p.168 B2, B3; p.187 A1
WHW9 p.187: A4, A11, B6
WHW10 p.211: A3, A6, A7, C
WHW11 p.211: D1, D2, D6; p.224 E
For Exam 3
WHW12: p.272 C3-C8, p.282: A2, A5
WHW13: p.282 B4, C7, D6
WHW14: p.302 E4, G1, H2
WHW15: prove the following theorems of theory of first order arithmetic: $S0+SS0=SSS0$ and $S0 \cdot SS0 = SS0$ (axioms on p.1 of these slides)
WHW16: [pdf]
WHW17: [pdf]
WHW18: [pdf]

5 Weeks 1
For Exam 1
Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Quiz 3
5 Weeks 2
For Exam 2
Quiz 4
Quiz 5
Quiz 6
Quiz 7
For Exam 3
Quiz 8 (take-home quiz -- just give it to me when you complete)