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"Pythagoras may well have been 
 the deepest in his learning of all men. 
 And still he claimed to recollect 
 details of former lives, 
 being in one a cucumber 
 and one time a sardine." 
                 --Heraclitus, [src]
Weekly Schedule Spring 2018
5:00  Research Meeting  
7:00 Meeting Meeting 
8:00 Meeting Office HourOffice Hour
8:30 MeetingMeetingOffice HourOffice Hour
9:00MATH 1586Office Half HourMATH 1586 MATH 1586
9:30MATH 1586MATH 2510MATH 1586MATH 2510MATH 1586
10:00Office HourMATH 2510Office HourMATH 2510 
11:00MATH 4590MATH 1540MATH 4590MATH 1540MATH 4590
12:00Research MeetingMATH 1540MeetingMATH 1540Research Meeting
12:30Research MeetingReserved (meetings)MeetingReserved (meetings)Research Meeting
1:00 Reserved (meetings) Reserved (meetings)Research Meeting
1:30xxxxxxxxOffice Half Hourxxxxxxxx Research Meeting
2:00xxxxxxxxResearch Meetingxxxxxxxx  
3:00xxxxxxxxResearch Meeting
Faculty Senate
xxxxxxxxMATH 1586 
4:00xxxxxxxxFaculty Senatexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
5:00xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
e-mail: tcuchta@fairmontstate.edu or tomcuchta@gmail.com
office: ET 423
office phone: 304-367-4218
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