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2023.11.28 - "An 'academic' transformation' takes on the math department" by Oliver Whang (New Yorker)
2023.07.01 - "When CAN'T math be generalized? | The limits of analytic continuation" by Morphocular
2022.08.04 - "Writing good questions for the internet era" by Jeff Suzuki (AMS Blogs)
2022.06.22 - "Using a Computer to Derive Every* Possible Identity" by zhuli
2022.09.13 - "the five kinds of paradox" by jan Misali
2022.05.09 - "The mysterious disappearance of a revolutionary mathematician" by Rivka Galchen (New Yorker)
2019.03.26 - "Manuscript Pre-Submisison Check List" by Pamela E. Harris (AMS Blogs)
2019.01.18 - "Fractals and Monads" by Derek Wise
2018.11.18 - "The Tensor Product, Demystified" by Tai-Danae Badley of
2018.09.20 - "Patterns that eventually fail" by Azimuth Project
2017.11.03 - MathOverflow - "Why are there so many fractional derivatives?"
2016.06.14 - " Divide by Zero on the Friden STW10 Mechanical Calculator" by CuriousMarc
2015.10.11 - "Math & Beauty & Brain Areas" by David Mumford
2014.04.14 - "A Statistical Analysis of the Work of Bob Ross" by Walt Hickey (fivethirtyeight)
2014.03.28 - "Math's Beautiful Monsters" by Adam Kucharski (Nautilus)
2013.09.25 - MathStackExchange - "Inverse Laplace of $\dfrac{1}{\sqrt{s}-1}$?"
2012.11.26 - Response to Quora question "What do grad students in math do all day?" by Yasha Berchenko-Kogan
2012 - "How to read mathematics" by Shai Simonson and Fernando Gouvea
2011.12.15 - "The beauty of roots" by John Baez
2011.11.25 - "Group actions III — what’s the point of them?" by Tim Gowers
2011.11.08 - The mathematics of Tetris
2011.05.02 - "Quick-sort with Hungarian folk dance" by AlgoRhythmics
2011.05.04 - "The mathematician as an explorer" by Sherman K. Stein (Scientific American)
2011.04.16 - "A statement that is paradoxical if and only if it isn't" by Greg Ross (Futility Closet)
2011.01.14 - "Irving Kaplansky's 'A Song About $\pi$'" by Dave Richeson
2010.10.17 - "Awfully sophisticated proof for simple facts" (MathOverflow)
2011.01.24 - "Mathematical urban legends" (MathOverflow)
2010.10.30 - "Complex power towers" by Mike Croucher
2010.10.11 - "What would you ask an all-powerful alien?" by Dick Lipton
2010.10.01 - "Mathematical intuition -- what is it?" by Dick Lipton
2010.06.29 - "Too simple to be simple" by nLab
2010.04.20 - MathOverflow - "What is the actual meaning of a fractional derivative?"
2010.03.22 - "Hunting for abstractions in mathematics" by Edward Z. Yang
2010 - "Hadamard vs Euler -- Who found the better Gamma function?" (
2009.12.14 - "Proofs without words"
2009.10.31 - Colloquial catchy statements that encode serious mathematics
2009.10.12 - "Motivating the Laplace transform definition" by elaichi (MathOverflow)
2009.08 - "We Recommend a Singular Value Decomposition" by David Austin (AMS Feature Column)
2009.05.05 - "A surprising theorem in complex variables" by John D. Cook
2008.09.15-19 - "My favorite numbers" by John Baez
2005 - "Foolproof: a sampling of mathematical folk humor" by Paul Renteln and Alan Dundes (Notices of the AMS)
2007.12.13 - "E.W. Hobson's 'Squaring the Circle'" by Charles Petzold
$\leqslant$2002 - "The Most Common errors in Undergraduate Mathematics" by Eric Schechter
2001.06 - "Parrondo paradox" by Alex Bogomolny
2001.04 - "Why are special functions special?" by Michael Berry (Physics Today)
1999.05 - "What is a closed-form number?" by Timothy Chow
1998 - "Measuring fractal dimension" by Eric R. Green

2024.03.25 - "Radios, how do they work?" by lcamtuf
2024.02.16 - "Air Canada must honor refund policy invented by airline's chatbot" by Ashley Belanger (ars technica)
2024.02.09 - "Linux Running on an NES?" by DeCrAzYo (Youtube)
2024.01.31 - "Making a PDF that's larger than Germany" by alexwlchan
2024.01.17 - "Dumping the ROM of a GBA game by crashing it" by TheZZAZZGlitch (Youtube)
2023.12.13 - "Polish Hackers Repaired Trains the Manufacturer Artifically Bricked. Now The Train Company Is Threatening Them" by Jason Koebler (404 Media)
2023.12.08 - "Software Emulators vs FPGAs" by What's Ken Making (Youtube)
2023.12.08 - "Pluralistic: 'If buying isn't owning, piracy isn't stealing.'" by Cory Doctorow (Pluralistic)
2023.12.05 - "The block button is the ultimate source of dopamine. Use it." by Joan Westenberg
2023.09.09 - "VPNs, Verizon, and Instagram Reels: how students are getting around the TikTok ban" by Monica Chin (The Verge)
2023.09 - "PROJEKT: OVERFLOW RISC-V assembly board game" by
2022.11.25 - "US Navy fined for acts of software piracy" by Nicholas Slayton (Task & Purpose)
2022.06.02 - "Installing a payphone in my house" by Bertrand Fand
2022.05.06 - "How I created the Perfect NES Sound Chip" by KYLXBN
2022.04.09 - "Harder Drive: Hard drives we didn't want or need" by suckerpinch
2022.02.07 - "SIM Hijacking" by Emmanuel Cristofaro
2022.01.01 - "Recovering 'lost' treasure-filled floppy discs with an oscilloscope" by (adafruit)
2021.04.20 - "They Hacked McDonald's Ice Cream Machines -- and Started a Cold War" by Andy Greenberg (Wired)
2020.01.22 - "Unauthorized Bread: Real rebellions involve jailbreaking IoT toasters" by Cory Doctorow
2020.01.09 - "What does ext4 look like?" by buredoranna
2018.04.12 - "The 128-Language Quine Relay" relayed by
2017.12.04 - "Cray-1 Digital Archeology" by Chris Fenton
2017.04.23 - "Build a Lorenz Attractor" by Horowitz Group
2017.03.21 - "Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware" by Jason Koebler (Vice)
2017 - "Computer latency: 1977-2017" by Dan Luu
2015.03.25 - "Former Tesla Intern Releases $60 Full Open Source Car Hacking Kit For The Masses" by Thomas Brewster (Forbes)
2014.11.27 - "The Samus Aran Amiibo NFC Figure Opens The Moscow Metro Gates" by MyNintendoNews
2014.11.07 - "Pulling JPEGs out of thin air" by lcamtuf
2013.02.20 - "Germans can’t see meteorite YouTube videos due to copyright dispute" by Cyrus Farivar (ars technica)
2013.02.18 - "Computers in chess... Good or Evil?" by Gregory Serper (
2013.01.29 - "Anti-pirating music stolen" by Karl S. Kruszelnicki
2013.01.13 - "On the state of Windows on the desktop" by Branko
2013.01.07 - "Why Hackers Are So Much Funnier Than You Are" by Cade Metz (Wired)
2013.01.07 - "How I Hacked Facebook Employees Secure Files Transfer service (" by Juno_okyo
2012.09.28 - "Blackmailers make $50 on Romney’s tax returns" by Jay Hathaway (daily dot)
2012.09.15 - "0x5f3759df" by Christian Plesner Hansen (Hummus and Magnets)
2012.09.05 - "4 unix commands I abuse every day" by Tom Limoncelli (Everything Sysadmin)
2012.08.29 - "NeoBytes :) Shout brand names at your TV to skip through ads" by Andy Weir (Neowin)
2012.08.23 - "Who inherits your iTunes library?" by Quentin Fottrell (MarketWatch)
2012 - "The /bin/true Command and Copyright" by John Chambers
2012 - "A Simple and Convenient Synthesis of Pseudoephedrine From N-Methylamphetamine" by O. Hai and I.B. Hakkenshit (Improbable Research)
2011.12.20 - "Dot-dash-diss: The gentleman hacker's 1903 lulz" by Paul Marks (New Scientist)
2011.09.27 - "Goatse as industrial sabotage" by Juan Conatz
2006.11.01 - "[Haskell-cafe] there's a monster in my Haskell!" by Andrew Pimlott
2003 - "Some AI Koans" by Eric S. Raymond
1995.02.26 - "Why the Web Won't Be Nirvana" by Cliff Stoll
1986 - "Unix Recovery Legend" by Mario Wolczko
1984 - "Reflections on Trusting Trust" by Ken Thompson

2024.05.16 - "Doug Skaff bitten by copperhead snakes while removing campaign signs" by Andrew Coalgrove and Tim Irr (WSAZ)
2023.11.28 - "An 'academic' transformation' takes on the math department" by Oliver Whang (New Yorker)
2023.01.25 - "Hiss story: The last snake-handling church in West Virginia – in pictures" (The Guardian)
2022.03.21 - "Coal to crypto: The gold rush bringing bitcoin miners to Kentucky" by Avi Asher-Schapiro (Reuters)
2019.07.30 - "Getting Over: The Disgraced W.Va. Gospel Music Promoter Who Found Redemption in Indie Wrestling" by Zack Harold (100 Days in Appalachia)
2019.03.02 - "How a 3 a.m. bar fight left a WV delegate blind" by Jake Zuckerman (Charleston Gazette-Mail)
2018.12.19 - "'Come out here and use the urinal': Assistant principal accused of bullying transgender teen" by Cleve R. Wootson, Jr. (Washington Post)
2018.11.16 - "20th Century America Is Never Returning" by John W. Miller (Buzzfeed)
2018.01.08 - "This Town Is So Toxic, They Want It Wiped off the Map" by Nathalie Baptiste
2017.06.05 - "Consolidation Offers Unique Solutions for W.Va. Counties" by Kirsten Reneau (The Exponent Telegram)
2017.04.03 - "A Glimpse Into the Snake Handling Churches of Appalachia" (Appalachain Magazine)
2017.04 - "Manchin in the Middle" by Michael Kruse and Burgess Everett (Politico)
2017.01.30 - "Understanding the 7 Distinct 'Nations' of Appalachia" (Appalachian Magazine)
2016.11.02 - "Coal country West Virginia feels forgotten by politics" by Zoe Thomas (BBC)
2016.10.03 - "In the Heart of Trump Country" by Larissa MacFarquhar (The New Yorker)
2016.05.09 - "No One is Writing the Real West Virginia" by Matthew Neill Null (lit hub)
2016.06.09 - "WV government shutdown threat plays with unknown fire" by Natalie Belville (The State Journal)
2016.04.15 - "As Fracking Chemicals Reach A Creek Companies Fight Against A Fracking Waste Ban" by Alejandro Davila Fragoso (Think Progress)
2016.03.21 - "The Violent Remaking of Appalachia" by Jedediah Britton-Purdy (The Atlantic)
2016.03.14 - "Facing backlash, Clinton says coal still has a future" by Adam Beam (AP)
2015.11.03 - "I Am Not Ashamed Of My Appalachian Accent" by Sydney Meade (odyssey)
2015.09.24 - "‘Sovereign citizen’ arrested after threats to take over WV Capitol" by David Gutman (Charleston Gazette-Mail)
2015.09.24 - "How A Little Lab In West Virginia Caught Volkswagen's Big Cheat" by Sonari Glinton (NPR)
2015.07.22 - "If You Pass the Elephant, You’ve Gone Too Far" by Nicole T. Walters (You Are Here)
2015.04.22 - "Graves of the Dead: The story of a mysterious mound, and what was inside" by Ken Otterbourg
2014.04.20 - "50 Years Into the War on Poverty, Hardship Hits Back" by Trip Gabriel (The New York Times)
2014.03.31 - "Chemical Valley, The coal industry, the politicians, and the big spill" by Evan Osnos (The New Yorker)
2013.10.18 - West Virginia: The Road to Statehood
2013.07.27 - "West Virginians, alienated by Washington, angrily reject their Democratic roots" by Karen Tumulty (Washington Post)
2013.04.16 - "West Virginia's Iconic Pepperoni Roll Is Finally Getting Some Official Recognition" by Josh Dean (bon appetit)
2013.01.11 - "Can Hare Krishnas at Palace of Gold in W.Va. rebuild its tarnished community?" by Ellen McCarthy (Washington Post)
2012.05.08 - "Felon beats Obama in ten West Virginia counties" by Byron Tau (Politico)
2012.01.08 - "Dear West Virginia" by Jason Headley
2001.11.07 - "Racing for the Human Clone" by ABC News

2024.03.09 - "Circles and Slashes" by Ernie Smith (Tedium)
2023.12.25 - "An Upper-Class Southern British Accent, 1673-2023" by Simon Roper (Youtube)
2023.12.10 - "Russian TV Channel makes a huge gaffe by broadcasting appeal to spy for Britain" by Jerome Starkey (The Sun)
2023.12.09 - "Lost in space no more: missing tomato found in space station after eight months" by Richard Luscombe (The Guardian)
2023.11.29 - "India Accidentally Hired a DEA Agent to Kill Sikh American Activist, Federal Prosecutors Say" by Murtaza Hussain (The Intercept)
2023.10.20 - "Berlusconi's 'worthless' art proving a headache to heirs" by Ido Vock (BBC)
2023.03.28 - "Would you eat a lab-grown woolly mammoth meatball?" by Diego Mendoza (Semafor)
2021.12.12 - "What The Internet Did To Garfield" by Super Eyepatch Wolf
2021.09.10 - "Alaska lawmaker banned by airline says she can't reach capital to vote" by Tim Fitzsimons (NBC News)
2021.05.18 - "After Media Detour, AT&T Confronts Old Problems" by Edmund Lee and Lauren Hirsch
2020.09.05 - "At Least 4 Boats Sink During 'Trump Boat Parade' in Texas, Officials Say" by Bryan Pietsch and Aimee Ortiz (The New York Times)
2020.02.28 - "The spread of the coronavirus couldn’t have come at a worse time for Corona beer" (CNN)
2020.01.12 - "Work Is Work" by Coda Hale
2019.06.05 - "Indiana Company Sparks Outrage With Unscented 'Ohio' Candle" (AP)
2018.11.29 - "The Man Who Bowled A Perfect Game On 9/11" by Luke O'Neil (Huffington Post)
2018.12 - "American Exorcism" by Mike Mariani (The Atlantic)
2018.05 - "Letter to an Aspiring Intellectual" by Paul J. Griffiths
2017.05.17 - "Lost in the Digital Swamp, Link by Link" by Amanda Hess
2017.03.14 - "A court’s decision in a Maine labor dispute hinged on the absence of an Oxford comma" by Thu-Huong Ha (Quarz)
2017.02.16 - "Christie says Trump made him order the meatloaf at meal together" (AP)
2016.12.20 - "Psyop against the Islamic State" by Herbert A. Friedman (Psywarrior)
2016.10.26 - "The Weird Familiarity of 100-Year-Old Feminism Memes" by Adrienne LaFrance
2016.03.22 - "How to Design a Marijuana-License Lottery" by Roberta Kwok (The New Yorker)
2015.12.04 - "Bud Weisser arrested for trespassing at Budweiser Brewery" by (KTVI)
2015.11.02 - "In Religious Arbitration, Scripture Is the Rule of Law" by Michael Corkery and Jessica Silver-Greenberg (The New York Times)
2015.02.10 - "The creepy beauty of VCR errors" by Chris Priestman (Kill Screen)
2015.06.02 - "The Agency" by Adrian Chen (The New York Times Magazine)
2015.04.09 - "Summing up" by Greg Ross (Futility Closet)
2014.12.17 - "The Triumphant Rise of the Shitpic" by Brian Feldman (The Awl)
2014.11.26 - "Franksgiving: The time FDR moved Thanksgiving up a week—and set off a political firestorm" by Josh Zeitz (Politico)
2014.09.16 - "Nothing Succeeds Like Secession" by David Weigel (Slate)
2014.09.18 - "Grandmaster Clash: One of the most amazing feats in chess history just happened, and no one noticed" by Seth Stevenson (Slate)
2014.09.11 - "Man In Pokémon Gear Charges White House Lawn, Gets Shut Down" by Kirk Hamilton (Kotaku)
2014.07.28 - "Up and then Down: The lives of elevators" by Nick Paumgarten (The New Yorker)
2014.07.01 - "A Short History Of Typewriter Art" by John Brownlee (Fast Company)
2014.04.24 - "The Origins of Office Speak" by Emma Green (The Atlantic)
2014.02.12 - "World War One: 10 interpretations of who started WW1" (BBC)
2013.12.07 - "SpaghettiOs apologizes for Pearl Harbor tweet" by Candice Choi (AP)
2013.09.25 - "Pakistan Quake Creates New Island" by Nick Carbone (Time)
2013.09.16 - "Soviet Jokes for the DDCI" (declassified CIA document)
2013.08.21 - "Poll: Louisiana GOPers Unsure If Katrina Response Was Obama’s Fault" by Tom Kludt (TalkingPointsMemo)
2013.07.25 - "Print Dead At 1,803" by The Onion
2013.06.15 - "Patriots' Robert Kraft: Vladimir Putin stole my Super Bowl ring" by John Breech (CBS Sports)
2013.05.03 - "An Ode to Helium" by Gail Collins (The New York Times)
2013.04.19 - "Study: Majority Of Americans Not Informed Enough To Stereotype Chechens" by The Onion
2013.04.03 - "The Complete History Of False Threats From North Korea" by Rob Wile (BusinessInsider)
2013.03.26 - "Supreme Court On Gay Marriage: 'Sure, Who Cares'" by The Onion
2012.12.16 - "Utopian for beginners: An amateur linguist loses control of the language he invented" by Joshua Foer (New Yorker)
2012.12.11 - "The End of the University as We Know It" by Nathan Harden
2012.12.07 - "Is Secession Legal?" by Brion McClanahan (The American Conservative)
2012.11.07 - "Over the Decades, How States Have Shifted" by Mike Bostock, Shan Carter, and Amanda Cox (The New York Times)
2012.09.02 - "Vermin Supreme: The protester who would be president" by Ann O'Neill (CNN)
2012.07.16 - "Romney Comes Clean, Admits He Made $32 Trillion In 2006" by The Onion
2012.06.26 - " Mind the Gap Between Rhetoric and Reality" by Roger Cavazos (Nautilus Institute)
2012 - "Trap streets" by James Bridle (Cabinet)
2011.11.24 - "A convenient untruth" by Steve Wheeler
2011.07.23 - "Intellectual property issues in chess games" by Alisa Melekhina and Neal Orkin (Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice)
2011.03.30 - "Ladies' Night: Is a legal chess game possible in which all the pawns promote and each player has nine queens?" by Greg Ross (Futility Closet)
2010.01.27 - "'What have I done?'" by Anthony Bergen (Dead Presidents)
2008.04.10 - "Sark ends 450 years of feudalism" by Avril Ormsby (Reuters)
2006.06.12 - "The Rules for Long S" by BabelStone Blog
2006 - "'Good' Flag, 'Bad' Flag" by Ted Kaye (North American Vexillological Association)
2005.11.01 - "The Word We Love to Hate: Literally" by Jesse Sheidlower (Slate)
2005.10.07 - "George Bush: 'God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq'" by Ewen MacAskill (The Guardian)
2005.07.26 - "Some Papers Pull, Edit 'Doonesbury' Strip After 'Turd Blossom' Reference" by David Twiddy (Associated Press)
2005.02.17 - "On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study" by Ali Rahimi, Ben Recht, Jason Taylor, and Noah Vawter
2004 - "Music as War Propaganda: Did Music Help Win The First World War?" by K.A. Wells
2003.04.07 - "If it ain't country it ain't music to pro-war ears" by D. Parvaz (seattlepi)
2002.04.19 - "Companies Profit on Workers' Deaths Through 'Dead Peasants' Insurance" by Ellen E. Schultz and Theo Francis (The Wall Street Journal)
1999.12.08 - "Archaeological Dig Uncovers Ancient Race Of Skeleton People" by The Onion
1994 - "What's in a Name? A Survey of Roman Onomastic Practice from c. 700 B.C. to A.D. 700" by Benet Salway (The Journal of Roman Studies)
1993 - "Excerpts from Expert Judgement on Markers to Deter Inadvertent Human Intrusion into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant" by Sandia National Laboratories
1992.10 - "Assyria and Syria: Synonyms" by Richard N. Frye (Journal of Near Eastern Studies)
1991.02.15 - "Reagan Says Iraqi Policy, In Hindsight, May Have Been 'A Boner'" by Hilary Groutage (AP)
1988.12 - "Another family with the 'Habsburg jaw'" by E.M. Thompson and R.M. Winter (Journal of Medical Genetics)
1970.06 - "The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved" by Hunter S. Thompson (Scanlan's Monthly)
1955.03 - "The Anti-Colonial Policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt" by Foster Rhea Dulles and Gerald E. Ridinget (Political Science Quarterly)
1945.08.6-7 - "Transcript of Surreptitiously Taped Conversations among German Nuclear Physicists at Farm Hall (August 6-7, 1945)"
1944.02.11 - "My Life in the Claque" by Joseph Wechsberg (The New Yorker)
1908 - "City Flags of Pennsylvania" by Barr Ferree
1860 - "Declaration of Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union"