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Solutions to Rainville's "Special Functions"
These solutions are now hosted as a github repository here: https://github.com/tomcuchta/rainvillesfsolutions

All future updates will be posted there. This page will remain for historical reasons.

The latest solutions pdf file may be found here: https://github.com/tomcuchta/rainvillesfsolutions/blob/master/rainville%20solutions.pdf
Solutions as of 29 August 2016 [pdf] [tex]
Solutions as of 14 July 2016 [pdf] [tex]
Solutions as of 2 June 2015 [pdf] [tex]
Solutions as of 5 April 2015 [pdf] [tex]
Solutions as of 29 March 2014 [pdf] [tex]
Solutions as of 19 July 2013 [pdf] [tex]