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"There once was a man named Lebesgue. 
 He wondered if it could be made: 
 A measure of all 
 subsets of the ball, 
 and geometry still be obeyed." 
                 --Monroe Eskew
Weekly Schedule Fall 2016
8:30 MATH 1190   
9:00MATH 1190MATH 1190MATH 1190 MATH 1190
9:30MATH 1190MATH 1115MATH 1190MATH 1115MATH 1190
10:00Office HourMATH 1115 MATH 1115Research Meeting
10:45Office Hour   Research Meeting
11:00 MeetingOffice Hour Research Meeting
12:00 Office Hour Research Meeting 
1:00   Office Hour 
2:00MATH 1112 MATH 1112 MATH 1112
3:00MATH 1011MATH 1011MATH 1011MATH 1011 
4:00 MATH 1011 MATH 1011 
I received my PhD from Missouri S&T under Dr. Martin Bohner. I have a masters degree in mathematics from Marshall University where I studied under Dr. Bonita Lawrence. I am a member of the International society of difference equations.

e-mail: tcuchta@fairmontstate.edu or tomcuchta@gmail.com
office: ET 423
office phone: 304-367-4218

Play chess with me! chess online (username:tomcuchta)

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