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Syllabus: [pdf] [tex]
Syllabus (post-virus): [pdf] [tex]
Textbook: forall $x$: An Introduction to Formal Logic (direct link to book: [pdf])


Homework 1 (due 21 January, graded 28 January) (solution): p.5-6: #1, 3, 4; p.16: A
Homework 2 (due 28 January, graded 4 February) (solution): p.22-25: problems B, C, F, G; p.43-48: problems A, E, H
Homework 3 (due 4 February, graded 10 February) (solution): p.43-48: problems A, E, H; p. 55: problems B, C; p.76: problems C, D
Homework 4 (due 11 February, graded 11 February) (solution): p.85 B1, B3, C1, C3, C4, D3, D4, D5, E4, E5, G3, G4, J
Homework 5 (due 27 February, graded 23 March) (solution): p.133-134: A, B, C2, C3, C5, C6, C9, C11 (prove C11 for +2 bonus points)
Homework 6 (due 5 March, graded 27 March) (solution): p. 153-154: A2, A4, A5, A7, C1, C3, C4, D3, D4, D7
Homework 7 (due 24 March, graded 27 March) (solution) : p. 162: B2, B4; p. 165-166: A2, A4, B2, C1, C3

Homework 8 (due 31 March) (solution): (Ch.22) p.204: A1, A6, B1, B3, C1, C5, D2, D6; (Ch. 23) p.216: A2, A5, B3, B15, C1, C4, D4, D7, E1, E12
Videos for HW8: p. 204 A2, A7, p. 204 B2, B4, p. 204: C2, C6, p. 204: D3, D4, and p. 216: A1, A6, B4, B14, C2, C3
Exam 2 (3 April) -- covers HW5-HW7 (was originally planned for 19 March)
Homework 9 (due 7 April) (solution): (Ch.26) p.241 A1, A3, A5; (Ch.28) p. 257: A2, A5, A9, B6, B7, B13, C2, C3, C7
Videos for HW9: p. 241: A2, A4, p. 257: A2, A4, A8, p. 257: B5, B10, B15, and p. 257: C1, C5, C10
Homework 10 (due 16 April) (solution): p.267: A1, A4, B2, B5, C2, C12, D1, D4
Videos for HW10: p.267: A2, A5, p.267 B3, B4, p.267 C3, C13, p.267 D2 D5
Homework 11 (due 21 April) (solution): p.288: D2, D7, E4, E5, G1; p. 296: A2, A3, C2; p. 303: A3
Videos for HW11: p. 288 D3, p. 288 D8, p. 288 E3, p. 288 E6, p. 288 G2, p. 296 A1, p. 296 A4, p. 296 C1
Exam 3 (24 April) -- covers HW8-HW11
Homework 12 (due 28 April):
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